Winter Crafts for Kids

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Kids and adults love to craft. It’s a great way to express creativity and spend time together. And during the winter months, sitting down at the kitchen table to do some crafts is a great way to avoid the cold and snow. Of course, when you make some of the crafts on this list, you’ll be reminded of the winter weather, but at least you’ll be nice and warm inside.

  • Polar Bear Masks: There are lots of animals that evoke the feel of winter, but maybe none greater than the polar bear. If your children love polar bears, then why not have them make this cute mask? They can then run around the house pretending they live in the Arctic.
  • Snowman Puppets: Snowmen are popular as winter crafts, and these puppets are so cute. Your children can decorate them however they like, and then ask them to create a puppet show using their creations. Have them invite some friends over to see their show and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.
  • Sparkly Snowflakes: Even kids love a little bling, and these Sparkly Snowflakes certainly have that! Using sequins, buttons, or other items, your children can decorate popsicle sticks to create their very own snowflakes – and no two are sure to look alike. Think about hanging them from a string in front of a window to see how they reflect in the sunshine.
  • Winter Bubble Wrap Tree: You may think that winter trees are boring, but when you add some snow to them, they are actually quite pretty. This winter tree has your children using bubble wrap to make the snow – meaning no messy hands! But if you’re up for messy hands – let them use their fingertips to create the snow!
  • Homemade Snow Globes: Snow globes aren’t just for Christmas. They’re a great craft all winter long. Collect a few small glass jars with tops, grab some figurines, glycerin, and glitter, and you’re ready to make your own. If you don’t have any figurines you want to put in your snow globe (for example, Lego figures), head to your local dollar store and let the kids pick out something. A plastic dinosaur would look super cool inside a snow globe!
  • Egg Carton Penguin: Another ideal animal to let your children make during the winter is a penguin. This craft will have you recycling some egg cartons to create the body of the penguin. And yes, there are googly eyes involved!
  • Winter Bookmark: Pom Pom Mittens: If you have children who love to read, then let them make their very own bookmark. These Pom Pom Mittens are so cute. They’ll be able to color the mittens and create their own pom poms that will mark their pages.
  • No-Sew Sock Penguin: Have your children make a stuffed animal! This No-Sew Sock Penguin is both easy and cute! You can dress the penguin in its very own hat and scarf, too!
  • Snow Paint: If you’ve never made Snow Paint before – then try this craft! It makes a cool 3-dimensional paint that kids will love creating neat winter scenes with. 
  • Coffee Filter, Straws, and Pasta Snowflake: This is another snowflake craft, and the kids will love making their original snowflakes using pasta, straws, and coffee filters. They can get as creative as they want with these simple supplies!

The next time your kids yell, “I’m bored,” get out the craft supplies and make some of these projects. They’ll have fun making winter crafts without heading outdoors.

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