Tips for Not Ditching Your Workout

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Your alarm went off and you hit snooze…three times. And now you’ve missed your morning aerobics class. Well, guess you won’t be working out today.

Or, it’s been a long day in the office and you just want to go home, put on your pajamas, and chill. Guess you won’t be working out today.

Besides, if you don’t work out, nobody will know.

Raise your hand if you’re good at finding reasons to ditch your workout.

Here are some tips to help keep you moving in the right direction:

  • Set Realistic Goals: Your goal – run your first half-marathon within a month. But, your present-day workout regimen – running to the refrigerator in between commercials. Chances are your half-marathon goal isn’t going to happen. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never run a half-marathon; it just means you need to set realistic goals. 
    • Start with small achievable ones, because a win is a win no matter the size. And wins create motivation.
  • Visualization: You’ve set your goals. Now what? Visualize the steps needed to reach them. If it’s a half-marathon, find a training program, buy those running shoes, commit to a schedule, and see yourself lifting your arms above your head while running across the finish line.
  • Factor in Nutrition and Rest: Healthy fuel for your body (real food) means an increase in energy, a boost in your mood, and a willingness to take advantage of the positive effects. Feed your body, mind, and spirit, and you’ll find yourself craving more. And, remember to make time to rest and recover.
  • Reward Yourself: At each milestone, celebrate. You deserve it! This may mean a new workout shirt or pair of sneakers! Whatever reward works for you and won’t derail your progress.
  • Track Your Progress: You can do this in many ways:
    • Exercise trackers
    • Post to social media
    • Let others track your workouts
    • Before & After photos
    • Take measurements
    • Training log
    • Make a video diary
    • Journal
  • Schedule It: At the beginning of each week, plan your workout schedule. AND…put it on your calendar. A calendar can be viewed as a mini contract, which helps with accountability. Try to schedule your workouts in the morning. When you’ve already completed your daily exercise, it’s difficult to find an excuse for ditching. Besides, working out boosts your serotonin (happy hormone). Is there a better way to start your day than with a boost of happiness?
    • No worries If your day doesn’t go as expected. Have a Plan-B. The original one-hour workout at the gym can now be an evening after-dinner walk.
  • Mix It Up: If you’re bored with the same never-changing workout, then try something new. There are tons of options. Hit the internet for a little inspiration.
  • Use Your Ears: Good music makes a workout even better. Listen to motivational music or you might even enjoy your favorite podcast or audiobook only when working out
  • Find a Workout Buddy: Don’t go it alone. Working out with someone may be just the motivation you need.
    • Grab a friend or group of friends and enjoy social time while getting healthy
    • Sign-up for a competition together
    • And, once again, accountability is a motivator
    • Positive, supportive people will help you reach your goals
  • Hire a Personal Trainer: If you don’t know where to start or need a professional to keep you on track, hire a personal trainer. It’s also an excellent option for people who are money-driven. Consider this. Every missed session is money lost.
  • Change Your All-or-Nothing Mentality: It can be tempting to skip a workout if you can’t do exactly what you had planned, but guess what counts as working out?
    • Being active every day – even if it’s only ten minutes
    • Getting outdoors –it does wonders for your body, and you’ll find yourself moving without even thinking about it
    • Revising your workout for something that fits your schedule

Remember to have fun! A healthier, happier you is the ultimate goal. Do something you like and you won’t ditch your workout! Plus you’ll enjoy the results.

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