Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Refrigerator

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Take a look inside your refrigerator. How does it look? Is it neat and organized? Or, is it messy and in need of some help?

If you look in your refrigerator and immediately shut the door because your refrigerator is disorganized and ready for a makeover, use these tips to help. You’ll love the way your fridge looks when you’re done!

fridgeEmpty and Clean

The first step of organizing your refrigerator is to empty it out. Take everything out and put it on your counter. Then give your fridge a good cleaning. Clean it all. The drawers, the shelves – everything. 

Sort and Group

While everything is out on your counter, it’s time to sort. 

Check your expiration dates first. If it’s past the expiration – toss it out. (And start a list of things you need to replace.)

Then sort everything so that like things are together. This will help you when you go to place things back in the refrigerator.

Shelf Paper or Easy to Clean Placemats

Before you put things back, take the time to line your shelves. This will help protect them against spills. While you can buy shelf liner designed for refrigerator, a great alternative is placemats that can be wiped down and reused. 

Place Things to Be Cooked at the Bottom of Your Fridge

If you have any raw meats, think about placing them at the very bottom of your refrigerator. (Often this means one of your drawers.) You want to put them here so that if they should drip or spill, they won’t contaminate anything else in your fridge.

Fruits or Veg in the Other Drawer

Your fruits or vegetables will most likely go in the other drawer. Often the drawers will allow you to control the amount of humidity in the them. Leafy greens like high humidity and most other fruits and vegetables like low humidity.

Condiments on the Door 

Place all of your condiments on the door. While it may be tempting to put other things, such as milk and eggs here, the door(s) are the warmest part of your refrigerator and not ideal for things that need to be kept very cold. 

Clear containers for grouping like things

Now it’s time to put back everything else. Use some clear containers to group like things. This allows you to remove containers when cooking and easily keep an eye on things.

Place Healthy Snacks Where Kids Can Reach

If you have children, you know that they are often in and out of the refrigerator looking for snacks. Take the time to put healthy snacks at eye level where your kids can easily grab them. 

Lazy Susans

Do you often find that you forget about things that get pushed to the back of the refrigerator? If so, you may want to grab a lazy susan (or two) and use that in your fridge. This will allow you to conveniently see things that don’t get used too often.

Leftovers Up Top

Place your leftovers up top and near the front so that they will be used quickly. If possible, label them with the date they were prepared so you can throw them away after a few days. Most leftovers should be consumed within 3-4 days.

Whiteboard for a Grocery List

Pick up a whiteboard and erasable marker, and place that on your refrigerator. This will be a great place to keep a grocery list and perfect for noting things you run out of. 

Do you have any tips for keeping your refrigerator organized? Use these tips, and you can have a neat and clean refrigerator in no time at all. 

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