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Smart is more than a GPA or IQ. Smart is about what you can do with what you’ve got. Are you looking to add smart devices to your home? Whether you want to start small or go big, there are options for everyone.

Here are a few ideas for smartening-up your home:

  • Smart Light Bulb: Using an Internet-capable LED light bulb, you can control the lighting in your home. Whether you’re sitting on your couch or enjoying an evening at a concert, you’re in charge. A remote, mobile app, or smart home hub, can dim the lights for movie night or flip-on the living room light when the sunsets.
  • Smart Plug:  With a regular electrical wall outlet and a smart plug (connected to WiFi), your life just got easier. Using an app on your smartphone, you can remotely operate everyday devices and small appliances. For example, turn on a lamp or start your coffee maker.
  • Pure Enrichment Air Purifier:  If asthma, allergies, or other breathing issues affect your life, this quiet three-stage air filtration system helps sanitize the air making breathing easier.
  • Wyze Cam Pan:  Give yourself peace of mind with this indoor security camera. It tracks motion, detects sound, takes photos, has two-way audio, time-lapse video recording, live streaming, smoke, and CO alarm detection, and sends alerts to your mobile app.
  • Nanit Plus:  The Nanit Plus tracks and analyzes your baby’s sleep. A morning briefing will share information:  how long it took your baby to fall asleep, wake time, the temperature of the room, and more. With the two-way audio, you’ll be able to soothe your baby from another room or your own bed. The Nanit Breathing Wear monitors your baby’s breathing and puts you at ease so you can enjoy some sleep, too.
  • Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed:  Put comfort in your own hands or, more accurately, your own body. Personalize firmness, head and foot positions, and provide relief to pressure points. Cold feet a problem? No worries, there’s a foot-warming feature. Does your partner snore? You can raise the head on their side of the bed without them waking. Using a smart device, you can control your sleep and receive feedback on your nightly snoozes.
  • iRobot Roomba:  Do you like vacuuming? Or have time for vacuuming? If not, let something else do it. Connect from anywhere and trust that the Dirt Detect Sensors will do a good job, even on high-foot traffic areas. No worries about going from carpet to hard floors, the Auto Adjust will adapt to the correct height. The best part, no need to put the iRobot Roomba away when it’s finished cleaning because it’ll auto-dock and recharge on its own.
  • Amazon Firestick:  With any HDTV and WiFi, you can control the television, soundbar, and receiver with the Alexa voice remote. The media stick, which plugs into the HDMI port, stores all your favorite entertainment. And you can take it with you. Unplug the media stick and you have fun on the go.
  • Logitech Harmony Remote Control:  Remember when you had to turn on your TV, soundbar, and DVD player to enjoy a movie? With one click of a button, all of this can be turned on for you. Too many remotes to keep track of? You’re in luck because the Logitech Harmony Remote can control up to eight devices.
  • Sonos One:  Can’t choose between Alexa or Google Assistant’s voice control home audio speakers? No worries, because Sonos One is compatible with both. Would you like hip-hop in the kitchen and 80’s music in the living room? Or how about bringing the whole house down with some heavy metal? Mix it up and play different music in different rooms or pair devices in one room for stereo sound.
  • Amazon Echo:  Ask Alexa to play some tunes, tell you a joke, read a book, set-up routines, help organize your life, make phone calls, and use other compatible smart home devices to control things like lights, cameras, speakers, TV. Alexa is your go-to in a smart speaker. Don’t forget to use the Drop-In intercom to communicate with others throughout your home.
  • Google Nest Hub:  Do you prefer a smart display? The Google Nest Hub is similar to Amazon Echo in providing voice-controlled entertainment and information but also includes an added visual component. It’s also capable of supporting smart home devices, streaming security cameras, has a digital photo frame and uses IFTTT. If you like your music, Spotify and Pandora are free.

When you’re ready to smarten up, there are a lot of options. Have fun and go big (or small), but, mostly, have fun!

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