September is National Chicken Month!

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September is a pretty happening month. It’s Self-Improvement Month. It’s Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s National Square Dance Month. And it’s…National Chicken Month.

Yes, you heard that correctly. September is National Chicken Month. The National Chicken Council has been sponsoring this month for over 20 years as a way to promote chicken sales. So if you want to “celebrate” National Chicken Month – then it’s time to get cooking. 

And, while it’s National Chicken Month, these recipes are from all over the world – so enjoy!

  • Asian Chicken Rice Bowl: This recipe uses ground chicken breast to create a dinner that can be ready in about 20 minutes – which is fantastic for busy weeknights. The sauce you make is full of flavor, and you can always steam or saute a few vegetables to round off the meal.
  • Butter Chicken: Does your favorite Indian restaurant make a Butter Chicken that you just love? Then try making this recipe at home. You’ll love the rich and creamy sauce, and it can be served with rice and naan – so you’ll feel like you’re eating out- even if you’re at home.
  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken: Do you like some spice? Then you’ll really enjoy this Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe, which has Scotch Bonnet chiles. While it’s excellent when prepared on the grill if you don’t feel like heading outdoors to grill – just cook it in a grill pan or skillet.
  • Traditional French Cassoulet: This Traditional French Cassoulet takes some time to prepare – so it may be better suited for a weekend meal, but it’s delicious – and worth the effort. This dish is hearty and excellent when the weather gets chilly. Pick up some crusty bread at your favorite bakery to soak up all of the juices.
  • Greek Chicken and Potatoes: Greek Chicken and Potatoes has all of the Greek flavors you love – lemon, garlic, rosemary, and olives – and it’s prepared in one dish – so it’s easy! 
  • Easy Chicken and Sausage Gumbo: Are you a fan of gumbo? Have you ever made it at home? You should try it! This peppery chicken stew is a Louisiana favorite for a reason, and if you follow this recipe, you can make this Creole dish in your own kitchen.
  • Thai Chicken Coconut Curry: Is Thai food a takeout only thing for you? Then it’s time to try this Thai Chicken Coconut Curry recipe. And the best part about this curry? It’s ready in about 20 minutes!
  • Chicken Cacciatore: This Italian classic tastes like a “food hug.” It’s warm and homey and layered in flavor. You’ll love the rustic sauce, and the chicken is so tender it practically falls off the bone. And it can be ready in under an hour – which means it can be cooking while you help the kids with homework.
  • Instant Pot Chicken Mole: Do you have an Instant Pot? Are you using it as much as you like? Would you like another delicious recipe to try in it? Then this mole is perfect. When a traditional mole is prepared on your stovetop, it requires quite a bit of time to develop its full flavor. But your Instant Pot is designed to bring that flavor quickly – and it does! This dish is a winner!
  • Authentic Chicken Paprikash: If you were ever asked to name a classic Hungarian dish – then it better be Chicken Paprikash! Have you ever tried it? No? This one-pot dish is hearty and will warm you up on a cold night. 

How are you going to celebrate National Chicken Month? Do you have a favorite chicken recipe that your entire family loves? Or, are you going to give one of these a try?

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