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Are you Team Resolutions? Or are You Team No Resolutions for Me? If you happen to be on Team Resolutions, then you probably made one or two of them as 2021 started – as a means to make some changes in the new year.

But the bigger question is: How are you doing with your resolutions today?

If you’ve fallen off the wagon as far as your resolutions go, don’t worry. There’s plenty of time to get them back on track. 

Maybe all you need to do is refresh your resolutions.

  • Ask Yourself Some Questions: To get your resolutions back on track, it’s time to ask yourself two big questions:
      • Was this resolution truly for me?
      • Did this resolution make me feel good about myself?
    • If the answer to both of those questions is “Yes,” – then it’s probably just time to revamp your resolutions so they can be accomplished. 
  • Too Much, Too Fast: One of the biggest reasons you may have stopped putting effort into your resolution is that it was too much, too fast. Did you set out to accomplish a big goal and expect to be successful right away? And then when the results didn’t happen immediately, were you disappointed? You may have set expectations that weren’t realistic. Know that change isn’t going to happen overnight – so have patience.
  • Know What Your Goal Is Connected To: Having a goal is good. Having a goal that is connected to something that directly impacts you will make it more powerful. Know what your goal is connected to, as it will help you stay motivated.
  • Focus On One Thing At a Time: Are you proud of your multitasking skills? In this busy world, most people are. But when it comes to resolutions, it may be more beneficial to work on one at a time. This allows you to put your focus on one thing – and not be splitting your time and energy between multiple endeavors. 
  • Create a Plan: Did you make a plan when you made your original resolution? If not, you need one. So, create a plan that works for you. Be sure you keep in mind what you have available for time, money, and energy – so that you are not putting additional stress on yourself.
  • Follow Through With Your Plan: Then you need to follow through with your newly created plan. Make sure you have small steps in the plan. This will allow you to see progress and keep you motivated to keep moving forward. 
  • Celebrate Big and Small Victories: As you progress through the steps to reach your goal, make sure you’re celebrating the big and small victories along the way. This is another great way to motivate yourself.
  • Let Someone In On Your Resolution: Do you need some extra help staying accountable? Then tell someone about your resolution. They can help keep you on course by simply asking how things are going.
  • Forgive Yourself for Slipping Up: You are going to slip up. It’s bound to happen. But don’t beat yourself up over it. Forgive yourself and move on. This is all about making progress.
  • Revise Again If Needed: Finally, if you find you’re still struggling to make progress – revise your goal again. You may need to revise your goal, create a new plan, enlist the help of more people – but there’s no shame in making revisions. It’s actually a good sign of commitment to your goal.

If you made some resolutions in January and you are not quite as far along as you wish, it’s time to refresh those resolutions. Use these steps to help you create a goal you can reach in 2021!

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