Living By Yourself For the First Time? Here’s What to Expect

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You’re done living with roommates, and you’re off to find your first solo apartment. You can watch whatever you want whenever you want, you can wear whatever you want while cooking in the middle of the night, and you can have pets without worrying about others allergies. There are tons of positives that come with living alone, but there are a few things that you need to be mindful of before taking the plunge.

  1. Living Alone Doesn’t Make You Lonely: One of the biggest myths about living alone is that you’re going to be lonely all the time. That’s not necessarily the case. You now have control over how your human interactions are spent, and who gets to come into your space. Before, your roommates and their friends could interrupt your “me-time” at any moment. Now, you have the ability to block out everyone when you need time to yourself, and you can host parties without the fear of disturbing your roommates.
    That being said, it’s easy to let your electronics become your biggest companions. Keep a balance and make sure to get out of the apartment and have face-to-face interactions as well as keeping up with friends online. Make scheduling “friend-time” a weekly event so that you don’t feel the loneliness start to creep in.
  2. Don’t Let The Chores Pile Up: Now that you are living alone, you don’t have anyone else to think about when it comes to your messes. While we all need a break from the dishes every now and then, have pride about your place by cleaning regularly. All of the chores fall on your plate now. Keep up with them by doing one chore a day, and keeping a to-do list in a visible place so you remember to stay on it.
  3. Managing Expenses: Beforehand, your utilities and rent were all split between different people. Now, you have all of the bills. Look at all of the expenses and put them into two categories: needs, and wants. You need to have the lights on, and you want to have cable to watch the game. Make sure that you can cover all of your needs first before committing your “wants” to the monthly bills.
  4. Decorate With Your Voice: This is a unique time where you are able to show off your own personal style. You aren’t influenced by anyone else’s voice, and you can decorate the entire apartment as you want. Invest in higher quality products to add value and maturity to your style.
  5. Find A Trusted Sitter: Even though you live alone, you’ll still want to go out of town. Who is going to care for your pets and plants while you are away? Connect with your nearby neighbors to find someone who you can trust with your fur babies. Living alone doesn’t mean that you can never leave, but it does mean that you have to do a little more planning to make it happen.

Above all, keep a balance between time alone and time with people. Having friends over is a great way to keep yourself motivated to clean, decorate with flare, and it gives you a good social outlet. You’ll be very proud of your first solo apartment.

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