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Your child’s special day is coming up, and you want to make them feel extra loved with a birthday party they won’t forget. Think about what interests your child, and look around the area to find a place that suits their passions. Here are some of the best Marlton, NJ  locations that specialize in young kids birthday parties.

  1. Pump It Up: Let your child explore freely and jump around on giant inflatables for their birthday. It’ll be a fun way for them to play with their friends with a room full of things to climb, slide, and crawl through. You can sit back and watch the fun happen knowing that they are in safe place to jump around. There are pizza and drinks for kids and adults. Register your birthday party today so you can get the special packages and group rate.
  2. JellyBean Jungle: The JellyBean Jungle was designed by an early childhood educator who specifically chose the age-appropriate games and toys. Your child will find it fun and fascinating with bright colors and tons of things to do. There is an educational aspect to all of the play areas. Let them play, learn, and explore with freedom as they celebrate their special day. It’s been rated the best place to have a child’s party for the past 10 years! With rave reviews like that, you know it can’t be beat. To top it off, there is free coffee for adults and warm hot chocolate for the kids so it won’t burn their little mouths.
  3. Bounce U: Pump It Up and Bounce U merged back in 2008, giving you even more opportunities to jump around. Bounce U is located closer to Cherry Hill, NJ. It’s a fun and safe way for the kids to play together. It’ll be a birthday to remember for your little one because they’ll have a world of adventure standing in front of them.
  4. The Funplex: Kids of all ages will love The Funplex. It’s got something for everyone. There are go-karts, bowling, arcade games, and more. There’s even an outdoor waterpark area for the warmer months. Young kids will have plenty to do, and teens will have a blast with the more mature activities. They offer packages for pizza, cupcakes, and play times for set prices. The host will take care of the set up to the breakdown, and everything in between. Parents can sit back and actually enjoy the child’s birthday and make some memories.
  5. Little Sport: This playplace is geared toward younger tikes. The area is packed with educational games that make your child think while they interact with each other. It’s a fun way for your child to practice social skills as well as get the wiggles out. There are play coaches who will lead your birthday party with fun games like parachutes, dancing, and obstacles courses. It’s a fun and exciting challenge for your little one, who will have a blast at their birthday party!
  6. Enchanted Dreams: Let your child’s dream of becoming a princess come true. They’ll spend the day in a world of enchantment with other princesses who will guide them on their birthday adventure. There’s non-stop entertainment, dress up, pizza and juice, and plenty more. Make your child’s dream come true by spending the day in their favorite fairytale.

Take the stress out of party planning by considering your child’s age, their activity level, and how many guests you want to have. There are plenty of options for great birthday party locations and ideas in Marlton, NJ. All that’s left to do is take time to soak up the party! You’ll be surprised at how quickly they grow up.

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