It’s Not Too Late to Get Organized for the School Year

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The days of summer have come to an end, and the new school year has begun. And how are you doing? Are you as organized as you want to be?

If the answer is, “No,” – don’t worry! It’s not too late to get things organized! Here are a few simple things that can make it easier!

  • School Shopping: Did you get everything your child needs to start the school year? If you didn’t – don’t worry. The weather has been nice enough that shorts, sandals, and t-shirts have been perfectly fine. But, it will turn cool soon enough. And you can still find some great deals out there. Shop online to make it simple – and to have everything delivered to your doorstep. 
    • And don’t forget about school supplies. While you probably bought enough to get started, it’s probably not enough to last the entire year. Hit the clearance bins for some extras so you never run out. After all, pencils, crayons, and notebooks never expire. 
  • Your Calendar: School probably sent home a calendar for the year – and now’s the time to transfer all of the important dates to your personal calendar. Whether you keep a calendar on your phone or a traditional paper one, add these things to it:
    • Practices and games
    • Parent/Teacher conferences
    • Finals week
    • School trips
    • Teacher in-service days
    • Vacations
  • Transportation: Kids these days have busy schedules – and so do you. Now’s the time to reach out to parents who have kids in the same activities as yours and see if carpooling is an option. This will help everyone involved! 
  • Homework: Have the homework struggles started already? Help your child create a homework station – if they’re a part of the design, they’re more likely to enjoy using it. It’s also a great time to make sure a homework routine is in place. For example, is there downtime before they start doing their homework? If so, how long? Or, do your children do homework after dinner?
  • Paperwork: While some schools haven’t gotten better about using electronic communication, you probably still receive a lot of paperwork from school. Does it usually end up dumped in a pile on the kitchen table or counter? Is it an eyesore and a black hole where nothing will ever be found again? Use folders to create a system for graded papers, artwork, permission slips, communication that requires a parent signature, etc.
  • Command Center: Have a command center with an up-to-date monthly calendar, and each morning write that day’s activities on a dry erase board. Use colored markers and corresponding folders for different activities or different family members. Are there days when nothing is scheduled? If possible, try to move things around, so your family has a “rest day.”
  • Organize the “Stuff”: When you walk in your front door, do you trip over backpacks, jackets, lunch boxes, and shoes? Designate an area for these items. Not only will they be out of your way, but you’ll know where to find them in the morning.
  • Set Up Routines: The kids are probably back into the bedtime/wakeup routine. But think about adding a few other things to the routines. 
    • Have the kids pack lunches/snacks the night before
    • Let the kids take showers/baths before bed – then they can have a few extra minutes in the morning
    • Make sure school clothes are picked out and ready in the evening

With just a little preparation on the front end, you will be well-organized for the school year – and that will make for smooth sailing at your place. Hopefully, these simple tips will help!

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