How To Decorate Any Room Using Pillows (5 Tips)

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Are you looking to freshen up your space with a new design? You don’t have to get a whole new set of furniture to change out the look of your space. By artfully changing around your pillows, you can create a whole new living environment that is comfy and cozy that adds to a high end look.

  1. Pop of Color: Every room needs that splash of color that pillows can provide. It’s a fun, non-committal kind of way to add extra flavor to the room. Let your inspiration run free with a range of colors. Choose colors that will bring out the subtle colors in the other accents of the room. If your rug has green details, then choose green pillows that will bring out the green in the other areas of the room. Having one central color will pull the entire room together.
  2. Adds Texture: Different textures are also visually stimulating. Keep the design interesting by adding in a few pillows that have a ruffled texture, a faux fur finish, or a touch of sparkle to add dimensions to the room. Your area has wood furniture, a leather couch, and cloth pillows. By varying the type of cloth pillow you have, you create a visually more interesting room, that looks professionally designed.
  3. Bold Pattern: Pillows are the perfect place to have a bold design. Have a favorite saying splashed across one of the pillows, or choose a bright, bold pattern that speaks to you. Make it a stark contrast from everything else in the room so that it stands out, or make it go with the other things. However you want to do it, pillows are the best way to make a loud statement. They are inexpensive design elements that give the room a bold and edgy feel without making you fear wanting a change a year or two down the road. You can interchange your bold statements as your style evolves over time, or even, season to season.
  4. Seasonal Spice: Pillows are a perfectly easy way to add functional decorations to a room. You’ll love the cozy look and feel that the seasonal pillows will add to your space, and it’ll set the mood for whatever time of year it is. Have bright floral patterns for spring, lemon yellows and deep blues for summer, and a rusty orange for fall. Of course, you can go with the holiday-specific pillows as well, but don’t forget that you can change them out even when there isn’t a specific holiday to celebrate.
  5. Make It Inviting: Soften up your space and make it more inviting. The couch isn’t the only location for pillows. Put them on lounge chairs, outdoor furniture, office chairs, beds, and even on the floor. A pillow makes the space look welcoming and usable. You want to go into an area where you know that you’ll be comfortable, which is why pillows are a great addition to every room of the house.

Pillows are purposeful design features that add depth and dimension to any room. Spice up your living space by tossing a few new pillows around. Switch it up by getting large ones, small ones, circle ones, and rectangular ones. It’ll be fun picking out a whole new look for each room!

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