Fall Décor Ideas

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Everyone has a favorite season. Some of you may love winter and the snow that it brings. Others love spring with its gorgeous flowers and even a little rain. Summer brings bright sunshine and warm temperatures if that’s your thing. And, finally, you have fall – which means cooler nights and the changing of the leaves. 

As the seasons change, it’s also the perfect time to change up the décor in your home. You can put away your “summery” things and start adding bits and pieces of fall. If you’re wondering how to make your home feel a bit more autumn-like, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Bring Nature Inside: No matter what the season, bringing the outdoors in is extremely popular. And with all of the colors that fall has to offer – you shouldn’t let this opportunity pass you by. 
    • Pumpkins and gourds can be placed around your home. Bowls can be filled with pinecones or pears. Apples can be hollowed out and votive candles placed inside. There are all sorts of ways you can bring in bits of nature.
  • Change Out Your Pillows: If you have some throw pillows on your couch or chairs, think about changing them out. You can easily buy pillow covers that fit over your existing pillows. Look for fabrics in shades of brown, red, orange, yellow, or forest green. You could also go for plaids or wools. And, if you’re looking for some that really give a shout out to fall – head to Etsy. They have some cute designs!
  • Bring On the Blankets: After spending the summer trying to stay cool, colder temperatures might have you reaching for a blanket. Place some warm blankets around your living room in fall shades and heavier fabrics to create a cozy feeling.
  • Create a Centerpiece: Your kitchen table would probably love a little fall makeover and the easiest way to do that is to create a centerpiece. If you’re looking for some inspiration, there is no shortage out there. You can once again work to bring in natural pieces and mix them with items you currently own.
  • Decorate Your Door: When friends and family come to visit you, they enter through your front door – so why not greet them with a gorgeous wreath? You can create something simple or extravagant to match your decorating style. And don’t forget: Lots of great craft supplies can be picked up at your local dollar store.
  • Candles: Have you ever walked into a room and had the scent of the room bring back memories of a past season? Evergreen evokes thoughts of winter, while lilacs say spring. Change out your candles to match the fall season. Pumpkin spice, apples, cinnamon, and other scents will make your home smell like autumn.
  • Add Some Fall Flowers: On your patio or balcony, think about adding some fall flowers to your containers. Mums, asters, salvia, and coneflowers are all hardy flowers that will continue to bloom into fall. 
  • Swap Out Your Rug: If you have an accent rug in your living room, it may be time to swap it out for one that fits the fall season. Once again, think about fall colors and how they can work with the décor you already have.

If you love all things fall, then it’s time to do a little decorating in your home. Use these ideas to bring a warm and cozy feeling to your space this autumn. You’ll love the way your home reflects the season.

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