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Tired of the radio? Not a huge fan of audiobooks? Yet, do you still want to listen to something when you’re commuting to work or taking a walk? Then a good podcast could be just the answer!

Today you can find podcasts on just about every subject you can think of – from classical music to true crime to big business. And with most podcast episodes lasting under one hour, they don’t have to take up huge amounts of your time – unless you start binge-listening – which can happen if you find one you love.

But don’t worry! There are thousands of podcasts to listen to – and here are just a few of them that may interest you.

  • Mobituaries: Mo Rocca, with his quirkiness and love of the offbeat, has long been a favorite on the CBS Sunday Morning show. Now he’s taken his love of obituaries (yes,  obituaries!) and turned it into a funny, yet appreciative look at people of the past who capture his interest. He’s talked about everyone from Lawrence Welk to Laura Branigan to Audrey Hepburn on this fantastic podcast.
  • Dolly Parton’s America: What if you could listen to a podcast about someone who seems to make most of America smile when they hear her on the radio or see her on television? Well, that person is Dolly Parton, and there is a podcast all about her! Try not to smile when you listen to this one.
  • Ear Hustle: Ear Hustle is a non-fiction podcast sharing stories about life in prison and life after prison. At times this podcast is funny, and at others, it’s hard to hear, but you know that you’re always listening to honest accounts. And it’s due to its brutal honesty that it has won so many awards.
  • Intercepted: This is a relatively new podcast, but if you enjoy frank discussions about the issues that are currently in the news, then this is for you. The discussions will certainly make you think.
  • Carrier: This is an original, scripted podcast that will have you waiting impatiently for the next episode. The premise of this podcast is a tale of what happens “when a truck driver picks up a loaded trailer but has no idea what’s inside.” And the audio is amazing and super creative! Grab your headphones!
  • Eat Sleep Work Repeat: Since work is such a big part of people’s lives, it only makes sense that there would be lots of podcasts about the subject. But this is one of the best ones as it’s all about how you can make life at work better. 
  • Call Your Girlfriend: If you’ve got a long-distance best friend, then the two of you need to start listening to this podcast. Each week Aminatou and Ann call each other and discuss pop culture, politics, and more. 
  • The Dream: Want to learn all about the world of multilevel marketing, also known as MLMs? Then check out Season 2 of The Dream. It’s definitely an insightful look at MLM’s.
  • The Dollop: Who couldn’t use a laugh nowadays? Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds will have you laughing out loud as they look at events or persons from history and share why these people or events are particularly funny. 
  • Science Rules! With Bill Nye: If you’ve got a question that you think Bill Nye can answer, then you should submit it and listen to this podcast to see if Bill responds to it. No question is too crazy for this podcast.

Do you listen to any of these? Or do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list? Podcasts can be informational, educational, and so much more. And with so many to choose from, you’ll never run out of great listening material. 

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