Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Marlton, NJ

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If you’re vegetarian, then chances are you know that most restaurants don’t cater to a plant-based lifestyle. It’s not just about making meals with vegetables in a creative and delicious way. Restaurants also need to make sure that the oils and other cooking materials are not made from animal products. That can be difficult if the kitchen standardly uses butter, lard, eggs, and broth for cooking! But have no fearif you do live a plant-based lifestyle, or are simply dying to try something new, there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in Marlton, NJ! Check them out here: 

  1. Abandoned Luncheonette: 5 Stars – It’s an eclectic place that has vintage items, vegetarians eats, and baked goods. What more could you ask for?! Listen to great music from past decades, reminisce with vinyl records or CDs from your childhood, and eat great food. They have seasonal foods according to what is in harvest, and have unique menu items every week. The owners genuinely care about their customers and take the time to interact with everyone who walks through their doors.  On top of all of it, they also have a great in-store selection of top-notch vintage items. Find hidden treasures and one-of-a-kind items that you won’t see anywhere else. It’s perfect for small gifts or for unique pieces to add to the home.
  2. Naked Lunch: 4.5 Stars – The Naked Lunch tries to be responsible in every aspect of their business. All of their food is 100% organic, they have electric car charging stations, and all of their utensils, trays, and other products are compostable. It’s not a large array of foods, but they excel in what they do serve. Even though it’s a simple menu, they have large portion sizes that are guaranteed to satisfy any hunger or craving. The food won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either. They have entrees around the $10 range. It’s a great casual spot to get healthy, affordable vegetarian food that everyone—even meat-eaters—will enjoy
  3. Esti’s Besty’s Vegetarian: 4 Stars – Esti’s Besty’s is a cozy spot that combines American, Italian, and Mediterranean food. They are certified Kosher, Cholov, and Pas Yisrael by Star-K vaad hakashrut. They have vegetarian as well as vegan options. There are a ton of options for you to choose from. Both those who eat meat and those who eat veggies will find something that they love. There’s pizza, falafel, soup, salad, smoothies, and much more. Expect a little bit of a wait, but know that everything is made fresh to order.
  4. Yard House: 4 Stars – Yard Brewing Co. has several locations to bring great beer and food together. It’s a great spot for beer lovers of all types. The high energy doesn’t make it the best place for a family outing, but it’s a good time among friends. They have lots of non-meat options, from appetizers to entrees. You can tell which ones are vegetarian from the V next to the name. They make it easy to see what vegetarians can eat. There are also gluten sensitive and gluten free options as well. Veggie and beer lovers rejoice!

The best way to tell if a restaurant is vegetarian friendly is to ask them! Tons of these vegetarian restaurants in Marlton, NJ also provide gluten free and gluten sensitive options. Vegetarians don’t need to sacrifice taste and affordability when it comes to eating. There are plenty of restaurants in Marlton, NJ that prioritize veggie-based options for all of their guests.

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