Best “Smart” Gadgets For Your Apartment

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The future is here, and it is excellent. Technology companies are constantly creating smart gadgets for the things that we use everyday. You don’t have to have a large home to take advantage of the latest technology! You can make life a little easier in any size home or apartment. Here are some of the top smart gadgets that fit perfectly in an apartment.

  1. August Lock: The August Lock remotely locks and unlocks your door for added security. Gone are the days where you worry if you locked the door or not. Now, you can let anyone in, or keep anyone out, with the press of a button. The other added bonus is that you don’t have to replace the entire door handle to install it. The August Lock attaches to the deadbolt and allows you to control it from an app. Forget about spare keys or calling the locksmith. You’ll have everything you need from your smartphone.
  2. Hue Lights: With Philips Hue lights, you’ll be able to control your lights from anywhere. It’s more than turning the lights on and off–you can set the lights to gently wake you up in the mornings, and set them to change colors to music for an extraordinary light show at home. You can take storytime with the kids to a another level. Read in bed without disturbing your partner by controlling the light setting from the comfort of your bed. You can control what when the lights come on by setting timers to create your ambiance.
  3. Wemo Smart Plugs: Want to save even more money on your utilities? With Wemo Smart Plugs, you can control when the electricity is flowing through the sockets. Whenever you aren’t home you can turn individual sockets on and off saving you even more on your electric bill. Plus, they are so easy to use.
  4. MySmartBlinds Automation Kit: Another energy and money saver is by installing smart blinds. You don’t have to replace your existing blinds. This device attaches to your existing blinds, and controls them with an app. You can have them set to a timer to open and close with the sun. Leave your blinds closed during the day to keep the sun’s rays from heating up your apartment and bleaching out your furniture. They have made some changes to make the motor quiet.
  5. Sense Sleep System: This small orb sits on your nightstand and creates soothing ambient noise to lull you to sleep. It comes with a little “pill” shaped additive that you put on your pillow so that it can track your sleep patterns. The device also has sensors to detect ambient light in the room and notifies you if it disturbs your sleep. Likewise, it will also sense if other stay noises in the night disturb you. You can see this, and other reports in the app to learn how to have a better night’s rest.
  6. Piper All-in-One Security System: You don’t have to have a costly security system that runs through the entire apartment. Have peace of mind no matter where you are with the Piper security system. It has a 180 degree camera to let you keep watch over your room, a 105 decibel siren, and a microphone to hear and speak through the device. You can pan, tilt, and zoom into the camera feature to see anything and everything. There are motion and sound sensors that will alert you if something is detected.

Smart gadgets make our lives a little easier by saving us time and money. You can control all aspects of your home with the touch of a button. It’s a small investment that can save you hundreds of dollars down the road. You are truly the King of your domain when you employ the help of a few smart devices.

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