Best Donut Shops in Philadelphia

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There’s a funny saying when it comes to donuts. It says, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy donuts. And that’s kind of the same thing.” If you’re a donut lover, those are words to live by. 

Donuts come in two predominant varieties – yeast or cake – but they come in endless flavors. Donut purists love a great glazed donut, while those with a more adventurous side may like some of the funky flavor combinations that seem to be everywhere nowadays.

And since you live so close to Philadelphia, you are some of the luckiest people around when it comes to donuts. You have an abundance of great donut shops in the area. If you are looking for some new donut shops to explore – let this list be your guide!

  • Federal Donuts: If you’ve been to Federal Donuts, you know they are famous for donuts and fried chicken. And while the combo may seem a bit strange, it certainly works for them. With many locations throughout the area, you’ll love their creative donuts flavors such as Halva Lemon Pistachio and Cranberry Chai. And if you’re there – you might as well try the chicken! You won’t be sorry!
  • Undergrnd Donuts: Undergrnd Donuts is going to have you work for your donut as they don’t have a brick and mortar store. They have a food truck that’s always on the move. They spend most of their time in Center City, and if you see them, run to get in line. They have some great flavors that involve coffee, childhood cereals, and bacon!
  • Beiler’s Doughnuts: You can find Beiler’s Doughnuts in several different locations, but perhaps their most well-known is in the Reading Terminal Market. They have an overwhelming number of varieties, including your traditional flavors like glazed and cinnamon sugar. But be sure to order a few of their more decadent flavors like the “Elvis Delight” which is filled with peanut butter crème and topped with banana and a sprinkle of bacon or “Salty Caramel” which is filled with homemade white crème and topped with caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt.
  • Suzy-Jo Donuts: Suzy-Jo’s has been making donuts since 1955, and if they’ve been in business that long – you know their donuts are delicious. While you won’t find any super-crazy flavors here, they do have a few unique ones to try like the peanut butter fluff-filled donut and a seasonal pumpkin one that is fantastic!
  • Dottie’s Donuts: Dottie’s Donuts is unique as they make vegan donuts. They have two locations in Philadelphia, and you can find their donuts in other cafes around the city. They create classics like cinnamon-sugar and ones you wouldn’t expect to see on a vegan menu – like vegan maple bacon.
  • Swiss Haus: The Swiss Haus is a full-on bakery making cakes, pastries, cookies, and, of course, doughnuts. And, while everything is delicious, if they have a Swiss Cro-Creme in the case – grab it. It’s a doughnut made from croissant dough, rolled in cinnamon-sugar, and filled with pastry creme. 
  • Frangelli’s Bakery: This is another bakery that has a loyal following when it comes to their donuts. You’ll love all of their flavors, but if you want something extra special, try the ice cream donut. It’s like an ice cream sandwich, but between a split donut. Yum!

Did your favorite place make the list? If not, where do you get your donuts from? Share with us – because we all know that everything is better when you have a donut. 

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