8 Golf Blogs You Should Be Following

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Spring is in the air, and if you love to golf, that means it’s time to get back on the course. Of course, if you’re like most golfers – you love everything about golf. You love learning new tips and tricks. You love looking at new equipment. You love playing new courses. You even love reading about golf. Here are eight golf blogs you should add to your list of things to check out!

  1. The Golf State of Mind : This blog has a little bit of everything, but it’s highly organized, making it easy to navigate. The blog has areas dedicated to helping your mental game along with areas to help with specific skills related to your game. Scroll to the bottom of the main blog page, and you can see the most recently published posts if you just want a quick read. This is a great blog for golfers of all levels.
  2. Golf Discount Blog: Yes, this blog is sponsored by GolfDiscount.com, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out. This blog is broken up into the following categories: Instruction Academy, Learning Center, Reviews, Fun Facts, and News Guides. Be sure to check out the “Reviews” portion of this blog if you are searching for new equipment. GolfDiscount.com carries a lot of equipment, and they provide some pretty in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest equipment out there.
    Golf is Mental
    : This blog says it’s “not just a golf blog,” but it’s a lifestyle. This blog was started by a guy named Josh who loves all things related to the game of golf. He shares his ideas, opinions, reviews, thoughts – you name it – on all things golf. He writes in a conversational manner which makes his blogs easy to read.
  3. Noob Norm: Noob Norm covers more than just golf on his blog, but his golf section is great for beginners. There are lots of new posts on this blog for 2019, and if you read the one about golf simulators you’ll be thinking about how you can make it happen at your place!
  4. Hooked On Golf: This is one of the most popular golf blogs on the web for a reason – there’s lots of good stuff to read. Equipment reviews, travel information, and opinions on the latest PGA tournaments are abundant here. You’ll definitely find yourself perusing many of the blog posts on this website.
  5. GolfThreads: If you love the clothes, shoes and other merchandise that are associated with the game of golf, then head to GolfThreads. This blog is all about making sure you are the most stylish golfer on the course. It may seem a bit superficial, but don’t forget the saying, “Look good. Feed good. Play good.” You may just find that some new golf clothes can improve your game.
  6. The Breakfast Ball: This golf blog says that it features “reviews, rants, stories, tips and more” and that is 100% true. From energy bars to the latest putters to gift guides for golfers, there’s a lot going on here. The reviews are definitely a strong point here as they are pretty no-nonsense and give you a true look at the equipment being discussed. You’ll appreciate the honesty that’s shared.
  7. The Grateful Golfer: Another great golf blog covering a wide variety of subjects is The Grateful Golfer. There are great reviews and strategies on this website, but one of the highlights has to be the infographics. Be sure to check them out! They do a great job helping you decide which golf ball is right for you or which golf grip you should be using.

No matter if you are a casual golfer or a player who could be on the PGA tour, these blogs have something for everyone. You’ll learn something new every time you head to one of these and give their latest posts a quick read.

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