6 Cool Mac/macOS Tricks, Tips, and Timesavers

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Everyone loves making life a little easier. As Apple gears up to release the new iOS Mojave, which is coming out August 2018, we are going back to review other ways that Apple makes our lives easier. There are lots of MacOS functions that you may not even know about, which can save you time in your daily tasks! Here are six cool Mac tricks, tips, and timesavers:

  1. Do Conversions in Spotlight: If you’re using Mac Sierra or higher, you can do basic metric conversions as well as monetary conversions to any form of currency. Using the Spotlight feature, you can easily convert measurements into any standard that you need. It makes communicating across cultures much easier.
  2. Siri on Mac: You can go hands free and ask Siri to schedule and search things for you. Have her set reminders for you, and ask her questions to find out what you need. It’s all of the convenience of Siri that you have on your phone, now one all of your devices.
  3. Take Custom ScreenShots: This capability has been around for a while, but some may not be aware of it. With the key command, Command>Shift>4, being pressed at the same time, you can create a photo curser that allows you to create custom screenshots. You can pick and choose what you want in your screenshot, saving you time cropping things out.
  4. Run Windows: Wait-What? Run Windows on a Mac? But why? Sometimes it’s nice to be able to bounce back and forth. Microsoft’s operating systems are compatible with a number of games, as well as other industries that are locked into strictly using the Windows platform. You can buy one computer, but get the capabilities of 2. Install VMware Fusion, Parallel Desktop, or Virtual Box to start using Windows.
  5. Sign PDFs in Mail: Mail is one of the best Mac functions. It streamlines all of your mailboxes into one place. Personal, work, and any other emails that you may have, all come to one location on your desktop. Now, with Mail, you don’t have to go through the trouble of printing out the PDF, signing it, and then scanning it back. You place the PDF in the body of the message, and hover over the image. You’ll see a little icon pop up, to click and then sign where you need.
  6. Split Screen: To use this function, you’ll need to be using El Capitan or higher. You’re able to split your screen in half to see the different windows and go back and forth between using them. Open the window that you want to use, and right click the green left hand button and drag it to a corner. Then, open the other window that you want to use, and do the same. You are now able to move between windows easily.

These are just a few of the reasons why we love the Mac iOS systems. They are eloquently designed, user friendly, and Apple tries to think of everything to make your life a little better. Apple computers may be a little more expensive, but they are well worth the cost, when you factor everything in.

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