5 Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy!

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You have a little surprise on the way! It’s big news, and you want to share it with everyone in a meaningful way. The big question is how do you want to let everyone know that your family is growing? Let your personality shine through with creative ways, and make it sentimental for everyone.

  1. pregnancy annoucementCustom Mugs: Surprise the rest of the family with your special news by giving them something that they can use day after day. Have mugs made with their new family title, such as, Grandma, Grandpa, Father, and Sister. Give them all the gifts at the same time, and let them all open it at once. You can personalize each mug to fit the person that you are gifting it to.
  2. Shirts for Grandparents: Another practical gift that is giving your loved ones a shirt with their new family title. You can break the news to your parents by getting them shirts that say, World’s Best Grandmother/Grandfather. They will throw them on immediately after hugs and happy tears. The best part about it is seeing your loved one’s reactions. Try to be there in person, but if you can’t then video chat when you can.
  3. Pets Break the News: Couples usually start off with a pet or two, before the family starts to grow. If you have a fur baby, then let their big fur brother/sister share the news. Take a photo with your pet wearing a sign about when your little one is supposed to arrive.
  4. Baby Shoes: You may have seen this one before. Don’t feel like it’s “been done”–baby shoes are adorable no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Plus, you get to customize the way you do the baby shoes. You get to choose the color, style, and placement. Have girly sandals, or little Converse’s to reflect you and your partner’s personality. Show off the shoes on your baby bump, or line them up next to your shoes. This one is so versatile with tons of possibilities. You get to let your creativity shine.
  5. Onesie: Just like the shoes, everyone loves seeing those tiny little onesies with a cute little saying. Our hearts melt seeing the little clothes. Find a style that speaks true to you and your partner, with a message that let’s the entire world know. You can have a custom made onesie with what you exactly want to say. Shout your news with a message like, “Coming in August 2019”. Share this onesie photo online on Social Media, or make it into a card to mail out to a specific list.

Some people want to keep things public, and others like to keep things private. Tailor your message to fit your needs. Make things personal for close loved ones first, and then share it online later. Give them a little souvenir so that they can keep it to remember the sweet announcement that you made. No matter what number pregnancy it is, it’s always a special one.

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