10 Best Amazon Gifts that are under $10

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Christmas is upon us, and that means gifts for everyone. It’s hard to fit everybody you love into your budget, which is why we came up with a short list of great gifts that are under $10. Get these sooner than later to make sure there’s time for them to be shipped.

  1. Gifts from Amazon6 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Kit: $10
    The lovely lady in your life can always use a few more makeup brushes. Make up brushes lose hairs and become frayed and worn out from daily use and constant washings. Keep her looking gorgeous with a new set of the essential makeup brushes. They come in a compact carrier, which is perfect for storing in a drawer, or to toss in suitcase for travel.
  2. Car Phone Mount: $10
    Avoid accidents caused by searching for your phone. Anyone on your list could use this car phone mount. It attaches to the windshield or dashboard easily. There’s also a retractable arm so you can bring the phone closer to you, or set it farther away.
  3. Potato Chip Baking Tray: $3
    This is excellent for that health nut in your family that also loves a nice crunch. You can make your own chips out of potatoes, yukka, carrots, or any other thinly sliced carbohydrate. Pop it in the microwave, and you have a healthy snack.
  4. Insulated Tote Lunch Bags: $5
    After being used day after day, your old, tired lunch box is ready for an upgrade. Surprise your spouse with a cute lunch tote they won’t be ashamed to carry into the office.
  5. Machine Washer Friendly Structured Hat Frame: $7
    Everyone has that favorite hat. It’s the one that you cover dirty hair with, sweat in on hot days, and toss in gym bags. Keep your favorite hat looking brand new by washing it in the washing machine. This frame protects its shape so that you can have a clean and sturdy hat that fits like it always did.
  6. Jade Facial Roller: $7
    Perfect for the person who enjoys the luxury items in life. It’s a jade roller that reduces facial puffiness, retracts pores, and stimulates circulation.
  7. Trendy Triangle Hair Clips: $5
    These extra cute hair accessories are great for any age girl on your list. It’s a simplistic way to style your hair by adding a touch of flair.
  8. Silicone Roller Garlic Peeler: $4
    Does someone in your family love cooking with garlic? It’s a fantastic flavor to add to any dish, but it can be cumbersome to prepare. Roll your garlic in this tube, and out come perfectly clean cloves.
  9. Dash Mini Maker: $10
    This little magic machine makes everything from waffles to paninis, and everything in between. It comes in several different colors to match your sweetheart’s dream kitchen.
  10. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer: $10
    Every coffee drinker knows the pain of taking a cold sip of coffee. Keep your beverage at the perfect sipping temperature with this little hot plate. It’s perfect for any desk, table, or countertop!

Whether you are looking for little extra stocking stuffers, or if you are on the hunt for the perfect gift that shows you care, all of these are bound to suit someone in your life. It’s not about the price tag, but by sticking to your budget, you can give more to those you love.

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